Cuba - HavanaThe island of Cuba is a major tourist destination with Havana being its most important city, attracting more tourists than any other place. Havana is also Latin America’s most thrilling and culturally unique city, boasting of over 500 years of distinct history.

Havana is a beautiful city that boasts of a historic past and loads of wonderful attractions in the form of ancient forts, spectacular churches, museums colonial buildings elegant plazas, wide avenues and sweeping boulevards. The people of Havana are friendly and outgoing and are more than happy to tell you all about their fabulous city.

There are many interesting sights which one should not miss, especially the spectacular San Francisco de Asis Convent tower for a splendid panoramic view of the city. Carmen Montilla House, Revolution Ground, Cristobal Colon Cemetery, Marti’s Promenade, Port Avenue, Capitol, Santa Clara Convent, Royal Force Castle and Cathedral Square, are the other major tourist attractions.

The beautiful beaches are the best place to relax, but if you are looking for some fun and adventurous water sport, scuba diving is the answer. The nightlife is as lively as the people here, with the catchy beats of salsa music, even people with two left feet can hit the dance floor.  

Cuba - Havana - MaleconWarm, moist, breezy and tropical perfectly sum up the climate of Havana, making it a preferred tourist destination throughout the year. However, slight thunderstorms may be experienced during the months from June to November. A trip to this wonderful city is an experience of a lifetime.

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