Luxor was a city built around the 4000-year-ago and is popularly known as “greatest open air museum in the world.” This Nile river valley is Egypt’s top tourist destination.

All tourist journeys start with a visit to the ancient and historical sites to discover Luxor’s rich culture and heritage. Few of the famous ones are Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple – Deir el Bahari, Luxor Temple, Medinet Habu, Nefertari’s Tomb, Jillybabe Museum, West Bank (Thebes), Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Kings and the equally impressive Valley of the Queens. To know more you can also visit museums like the Jillybabe Museum, Karnak Open-Air Museum, Museum of Mummification and Luxor museum.


Egypt - Luxor

Luxor offers a vibrant nightlife as there are number of casinos, pubs, concerts, theatres and the fabulous Fellah’s tent: Egyptian sound and light shows – son et lumiere show at Karnak Complex.

Other popular attractions include the Hod-Hod Soliman Hot Air Balloon Rides, Magic Horizon Hot Air Balloons, space observers’ group tour/boat, horse riding, sailing with a felluca and the most popular of them all is scuba diving and snorkeling at Hurghada.

You can do shopping and buy souvenirs at various markets the few famous attractions are the Souk on Market Street, Egyptian Market, Habiba, Corniche and Fair Trade Centre. If you wish to escape the bustling city life then head towards the nature reserve at Gezira el-Mozh (Banana Island) or take a ferry or cruise across river Nile.

Luxor has an extreme climate with very hot and unbearable summers but mild and pleasant winters, making it the best time to visit here.

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