Anaïs Millon (Martinique, France)

Anaïs Millon was born in France in 1982, half caribean and french nationality.

She started as a gymnast when she had only 8 years old and grow up to the national level for 13 years. She worked with a choreographer on the fundamentals of classical dance, floor barre and multiply the choreography that will be used in the exercise of his sport competition and show.

Cradled by mother ballet teacher and modern jazz dance as a child, she will again plunge into the dance through her older sister, salsa dancer and teacher at the international level will teach her salsa on one in 2003.

From 2008 to 2010, she worked in France as a dancer for a major brand of Cuban alcohol.

In 2009, she manages the prestigious evening Agua, who introduced kizomba in France. There she met her current partner Morenasso with whom she made her first steps in Kizomba.

With her experience and assiduity, she developed her own style of dance and pedagogy where the technical precision and the autonomy of the dancer is the priority of her reflexion and concept teaching.