Anna Tropmann (Freiburg, Germany)

Discovering her will to dance when she was twelve, she was disappointed to not being allowed for Latin partner dances as she was considered as too young by the dance school itself. Unpatiently she waited a further year to ask again for permission for classes and got accepted. Since then she danced Latin and Standard, Hip-hop, Jazz and Modern, but as soon as she put her first foot into a Salsa club full of passion, energy and fun, when she was seventeen, she didn´t want to leave the dance floor anymore.

Although she started with the Puerto Rican style, her journey took her through the Cuban style as she got inspired by its energy. Now she has come to concentrate more on the Puerto Rican style and inspires other dancers with her Mambo interpretations and style.

She has travelled around the world, gaining dancing experience wherever she’s been and taking classes with world-famous dancers. During her studies and long stay in Paris she improved considerably as a dancer and reached a new level in her skills and her passion for Salsa. Since living in Freiburg she has flourished as a teacher with her partnership with Georg in the dance school Salsa-con-Pasión. When teaching ladies’ styling her goal is to get her students to feel the music, to improve their body movements, and to be comfortable with diverse steps. What makes her such an outstanding teacher is her ability to enable all her students to fullfil their potential and unlock their creativity on the dance floor!