Adolfo Indacochea (New York, USA)

Born in Lima, Peru
Situated in Milan, Italy

What happens when passion meets open-mindedness?

We all know of those many different styles of salsa. The great amount of incredibly good dancers has brought diversity into the scene. When Adolfo Indacochea was interviewed at the Freiburg Salsa Festival he emphasized that one shouldn’t segregate in salsa, but enjoy the diversity of styles and dance together.

When Adolfo Indacochea dances he certainly causes a stir. His moves are full of energy but always with his very own smooch touch. His unique style combines mambo with elements of other styles such as jazz, flamenco, or modern dance. But it’s not only that – he also lets himself inspire by the different styles of salsa. Together with Maykel Fonts and Juan Matos he also made an attempt to combine mambo and salsa cubana.

Always evolving, always creating new combinations he manged to become an influential teacher and inspiration to many. Adolfo already took the chance to dance on the worlds best stages such as Lincoln Center or Lehman College and has also worked with artists such as Gilberto Santo Rosa, Larry Harlow and even Frankie Vázquez. He has danced and trained nearly all over the world, in the USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

He’d been dancing salsa since he was a kid, but took his first professional dancing lesson in 2001, after moving from Peru to Mexico where he learned to dance On1. His talent was soon recognized by his roommate Adriano Adellano, who invited him to join his newly formed dance company „Salzumba“. Besides dancing, he also discovered his passion for teaching. After only about 10 months he began giving dancing lessons and soon formed his own company “Mamboss“. Today this is one of the best Salsa companies and dance school of Mexico.

Adolfo is certainly nobody who stays on the same level for a long time. In 2004 he moved to San Antonio, Texas to develop his style even further. There, Adolfo was invited to be part of the company „Semeneya“ where he also gave dancing lessons. In the same he also worked with his partner Claudia Vázquez.

In 2003 Adolfo discovered his passion for Salsa On2, after he saw Eddie Torres and his dancers at the New York Salsa Congress. With great ambition he learned the New York style. The change from On1 to On2 wasn’t easy, but he was driven by a great motivation.

In September 2004 he finally moved to New York, where he worked for Amanda Estilo and trained the company „Karisma Dancers“, led by his friend Victor Mayovanex. Soon after that he was invited by the great „Mambo King“ himself – Eddie Torres – to join his equipe. Together with Jessica Ortiz Adolfo became one of the shooting stars of New York’s mambo scene.

After two very successful years, Adolfo left the company to further develop his career and started working with Melissa Rosado, another of Eddie Torres dancers. Together they began dancing and training all over the world. Then, in 2008, after moving to Spain, he worked with Sheila de Jesús until he joined with Carla Voconi in 2009. In newer days, Adolfo is situated in Milano, Italy with Tania Cannarsa and his current group Latin Soul Dancers.

Besides his enthusiastic personality and his unbeaten passion for mambo, he has his unique style of teaching. Adolfo believes that everybody who wants to learn mambo needs to get into the history, the origins of the music. Besides that he said that the best tip he got for dancing was just to have fun and feel the music.

Adolfo has brought new energy to the mambo scene. Keeping the traditions of mambo, but giving them a new exiting touch.

Interview with Adolfo Indacochea and Tania Cannarsa by Martin DPiX and Elke Jorzyk:

Performance of Adolfo Indacochea and Tania Cannarsa at the Freiburg Salsa Festival 2012: