Brazil - Rio de Jenairo - Copa Cabana - Carnival - P1150171Marvelous, is the only word one can use to describe the country of Brazil. The natural beauty of this magnificent place with splendid beaches, enormous rain forests and cities infused with music and culture; the nation leaves nothing to imagination.

Discovered by the Portuguese, Pedro Álvares Cabral, back in 1500 A.D., the country was a colony of Portugal upto the 16th century. Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, Brazil has a tropical climate, making it perfect for trips the year round.

Brazil is well known for its well-preserved islands of Ilha do Mel or Ilha Grande, long stretches of seas alongwith the rich heritage of cities like Ouro Prêto or Olinda, which were once under colonial rule. Other exciting places include the historic city of Salvador which is like a jewel of the country, Brasilia, the ultramodern city which is also the national capital and not to forget the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro, the carnival of which is famous throughout the world that only adds to the glamour and beauty of this tropical nation.

If you love water bodies and animals, there are options galore to help you explore the rich wildlife of the country. You can go horse riding near Rio de Janeiro, through the Pantanal and see the mischief of capybara and monkeys. Offering breathtaking view of the water bodies, you can go on boat trips to the Amazon from Manaus, take dips in river streams, and refresh your body.

Brazil - Rio de Jenairo - Sugarloaf Mountain -  P1150201Music & dance are very important part of the culture of Brazil. Irrespective of whether you visit the Carnival or not learn to woo your partner by learning the sexy samba steps and dancing with the Cariocas in Rio’s samba clubs, or tap your feet to the mind-blowing music of the DJs of São Paulo.

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