Carla Voconi (Teramo, Italy)

Carla Voconi was born in Teramo, Italy in 1985.

She is currently one of the main female Mambo dancers and she is renewed for her flavor, passion and her classic and sensual style. She had the privilege to learn and work with some of the most important Salsa dancers in the world. When she was 16, she discovered her passion for salsa and she decided to change her young life to dedicate it to dance.

She moved to Milan at the age of 20 years and started her dance career, dancing with Marco Ferrigno in Juan Matos‘ Fogarate Dance Project for a couple of years and during this experience her passion for dancing on2 developing. Later she worked with Tropical Gem, learning from them a different style and technique.

After that in January 2009, she partnered up with Adolfo Indacochea and danced with him and also with Latin Soul Dancers for three years, performing all over the world.

From the beginning of 2012 Carla is also one of the partners of the Mambo King mr Eddie Torres.