Coco Corinne (Martinique, France)

Immersed since childhood in dance by her Caribbean origins, it is almost by coincidence that Corinne discovers salsa by working at the reception desk of a dance studio.

A few months later she was gives her first initiation class and meets the person who will introduce her to African dance and who will be her partner for 4 years, Dady St. Thomas. Together they create 5 shows and present them in many international salsa congresses (Hamburg, Nice, Stockholm, Boston, New York, Marseille, Vienna, Bordeaux, etc …).

Her love for the stage leeds her to start a dance formation in ballet, contemporary, modern jazz & street jazz in order to improve her technique and stage performances. At the same time she keeps on teaching her unique style inspired from her expanded dance skills. People love the style she develops and she wins three different contests with 3 different partners: Steps to Get In contest in Bern and Pasaporte the reference competition in Suisse Romandy where she is then invited to judge several times.

In 2008 She starts a new collaboration with Diana Taveira in Geneva and performs three shows with her across Europe (London, Paris, Salsorro, Zurich, Geneva, Lyon).

In 2010, the girls create the Riddim dance company with Karuk Gregoire and Fred Dancefloor. The company shares the same values: originality, multi-culture, sharing, musicality and fun on the dancefloor and develop them in 2 routines that they perform on numerous European stages (Marseille, Paris, Verona, Venice, Huesca, Monaco, Geneva, Zurich, Bern…).

Today Corinne has a mastered technique and keeps on developing her unique style. She now works with her partner Fred Dancefloor, with whom she continues to work on shows mixing emotion, technique and originality.