Dancefloor (Geneva, Switzerland)

Dancefloor is a dance company created in March 2009 when BoogTom (South Korea) came to Europe and met Fred (France). At that time, BoogTom was already a hiphop expert travelling around the world to participate and judge battles (Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Moscow…). He was owning a dance studio in South Korea managing 5 teachers.

They were introduced thanks to Jr Boogaloo one of the most famous popping dancer in the world. After a dinner at Junior’s house, Fred brought BoogTom to a salsa party. BoogTom almost did not dance of the whole night impressed by couple dancing on the dancefloor. Close to the end of the party, Fred came to him and asked him to dance by himself. After 10 seconds, Fred understood he had found the partner he was looking for for so long. Boogtom was integrating his hiphop moves to salsa dance just the way Fred was trying to.

That was April 2009, 1 month before the Geneva Salsavintage Festival. At the end of the party, Fred asked Tom to create a show for that event. So, they presented their first show “Krush la 33” at this event. While today it seems not to have been such a nice choreo and the performance was maybe the worst they ever done; at that time, the choreo was very appreciated. Audience and salsa organizers liked its originality and freshness. It enabled them to be invited in various events the biggest being Salsorro.

Dancefloor at the Freiburg Salsa Festival 2013

The next year Fred spent 1 month in Summer in South Korea where Dancefloor performed their show in many events. He learnt about the korean discipline the hard practice and how to do a show with BoogTom. How to build it, play with music, increase the intensity… By the end of Fred’s stay, Dancefloor started its second show “Moments in Boogaloo”.

BoogTom came to Europe to achieve it and they released it for the first time at Copa Loca in Besançon. Trying to raise the level, they worked harder on the outfit and the lights effect. Dancing on a chacha/boogaloo was new to BoogTom so he practiced a lot on it to get the right feeling while Fred had to work hard on his control to perform the “Moments in love” intro correctly. When they performed it that was a blast and they had a big standing ovation and many chills on stage

Dancefloor – Moments in Boogaloo (Copa Loca)

This show was danced in many places while BoogTom was in Europe getting a big success at every performance. One year later in 2012, when Fred joined BoogTom in South Korea for the last performance of the show, crowd reactions were still the same.

By summer 2012 it became more difficult for BoogTom to come to Europe due to his business and family in South Korea. So Fred started a new project with Marc a dancer of Geneva mixing hiphop, afro & salsa. The concept of their show was similar to Dancefloor and after making sure their choreo was up to Dancefloor’s standard, Fred proposed Marc to enter Dancefloor.

The show was first performed in Afro Latin Festival in Geneva in April 2013 and got a standing ovation (both dancers being from Geneva, it was easier…). A new page of Dancefloor is now being written and the story continues.