Cécile Ovide (Paris, Frankreich)

Cecile was born in France, from a family Creole from Martinique. From childhood, she was introduced to the „Dance“ is fast and professional level. The diversity of talent ranging from classical ballet to hip-hop through the Modern Jazz and contemporary dance, allowed him to incorporate many companies. Today, specializing in salsa, it has a seasoned master of all genres: Salsa Casino style of Los Angeles, and New Yorkers.

After meeting with Terry at the school where Cecilia Isis Figaro taught long ago, she, as her partner continued to work all styles to them encounter.

Since the founding of his school, Cecilia has demonstrated his talents, not only confirmed but also a dancer and choreographer, designer and is responsible for all of their costumes and show, in tandem with Terry, who choreographed have made known throughout the world …