Latin Instinct Dance Company (Karlsruhe)

Latin Instinct Dance Company was created by World Famous Salsera Melissa Fernandez and Karlsruhe’s Infamous Marco Lampariello (Son Latino). This international co-ed dance team consists of dancers from Cuba, Poland, Italy, Africa, Kazakhstan, and the USA. Latin Instinct was founded in September 2012 and the members of this dynamic team had to audition to be part of the team. This enthusiastically talented team has just recently finished their 1st Salsa Choreography and are presenting it to the Salsa Community throughout the world.

Here are the dancers that made the team:
Dominik Mimik Sass, Luca Cerini, Erna Thorun, Osmani Segura, Ida Pfeifer, Viviane Schwarte, Anja Dorau, Sabrina Zehle, Bent Gerce, Paola Parnizzari, Britta Von Kleinsorgen, Micki Lanser and Marco Lampariello