SensualondaMorenasso & Anaïs Millon

Morenasso met Anaïs in November 2009, and they created SENSUALONDA.

Creating Sensualonda is not a coincidence. Sensualonda „Sensual wave“ stems from the way they feel and live this dance, the physical connection and vibration emanating from their union. Like a boat sailing in the wind, letting himself be carried away by the waves, their dance combines sensuality and technicality in a spirit of harmony and fusion.

Through their workshops, they want to share this experience both technically and in terms of vibration.


Kizomba is a sensual and fusional dance, born in Angola. Descendant of Semba, it is called „Tango African“ sensually mixing African rhythms, the Zouk and African Tango.

Kizomba is one of the most popular of dance and music style created in Angola. Derived directly from Semba music, sung in Portuguese in general, it is a kind of romantic music with a flow mixed with African rhythms.

Although Kizomba was created in Angola, it’s very popular throughout the Lusophone countries (PortugalCape VerdeMozambiqueGuinea BissauSao Tome and Principe and Brazil)