Terry Tauliaut (Les Abymes, Guadeloupe)

Terry was born in France, near Paris. When he was eight years old his family left the metropolis to return to Guadeloupe, the island of origin.

From an early age he developed a passion for dance, it soon became an outstanding dancer dancing traditional Creole. It is also necessary in Hip Hop and other dance styles prevalent among young people; Terry already proved unbeatable as a dancer …

At the age of 19 he discovered salsa and this discovery marked a turning point in his life. He devoted himself to studying and learning. Regular practice of this ever-growing passion led him to become champion of salsa in Guadeloupe at the age of 23. Later he was invited to join as a teacher one of the most prestigious schools in Paris: the school Isis Figaro, there also became the partner of Isis.

Then he met Cecilia, when they began training together. Soon after they joined U Tribe, the renowned company known worldwide.

In August 2007, Terry and Cecile still alongside U-Tribe, decided to undertake an adventure of a different scale: the opening of their own dance school, Salsalianza.

In parallel with the school career of dancers is constantly increasing and shows incredible touched the hearts of the world. Today Terry foam conferences where he has earned a reputation as a „dancing machine“ or „Guagua salsa“ (minibus taxi dancer in reference to).