DJ Francesco Brizzi (Crotone, Italy)

DJ Francesco has made his first steps as a DJ in the Swabian Region when he was 18 years old. At that time he was playing predominantly RNB and Hip Hop. Starting from the middle of 90th he found his way to Salsa and since then he have been djing in the greatest salsa locations in the region.

From New York to Cuba

The music DJ Francesco plays is all kind of vibrant music that makes you move your body – you will not be able to stay still. Good music, means to him a well dosed mixture of all styles from New York to Cuba. His favourite choice of music is catchy music which is refreshing and appropriate for dancing. Famous songs are combined with the the best new ones you can find in the scene. The music is mixed according to the guests and to the mood. And this perfect sense for music and appropriate mix makes every evening unique and unforgettable.