DJ Mambito (Freiburg, Germany)

His passion for latin music has its origin in his hometown. From 1981 to 2008, the famous Viva Afro Brasil Festival was held in Tübingen. The line-ups of this Festival included artists like Daniela Mercury, Oscar d’Leon, Jose el Canario, Celia Cruz, etc. Growing up with such a festival in town has had a significant influence on his choice of music.

Since DJ Mambito spinned his first salsa vinyls in 1993 in his hometown, he has developed a broad range in latin music emphasising salsa dura and guaguanco as well as picking the latest tunes of contemporary salsa. Every month, every week he preys on the latest releases. His favourite tunes provide the space for the dancers creativity and ask for the dancers skills at the same time.

After a short time in Marburg and one year in England, DJ Mambito arrived in Freiburg in 1997 and arranged several salsa nights in different locations (e.g. Divino Club, Bolero). He also broadcasted a weekly radio show with latin music on Radio Dreyeckland.

In July 2000, the famous Kagan.Lounge opened doors in Freiburg and every Sunday there was Sunday Salsa Vista time. The exclusive club is situated on the top floors of a 180 feet solar-tower offering a 360° view over the city of Freiburg and the black forest. The interior has been designed by Vladimir Kagan (New York) and Robert Williams. When DJ Mambito moved to another area in Germany, the legendary Sunday Salsa Vista in the Kagan.Lounge came to an end.

His bookings include well-known clubs such as Zapata in Stuttgart, Kagan.Lounge in Freiburg, Buddha.Lounge in Stuttgart, Havanna & Soda Palais in Berlin, Allegra in Basel, Switzerland etc. as well as several salsa festivals in Germany and England. Following requests of guests, DJ Mambito has been booked for every annual Berlin Salsacongress Berlin, starting in 2001.