DJ Nestor Sosa (Caracas, Venezuela)

DJ Nestor Sosa (Caracas, Venezuela) had his first connection to the salsa music in his home town Caracas, the tropical city of inexhaustible rhythms where Salseros as Oscar D’Leon, Los Dementes, Federico y su Combo and many other great latin musicians have grown up. There he was equipped with the necessary fiesta feeling which brough him in the age of 15 to discover his magical attraction to the djing and turntablism and specially his passion for latin tropical music.

In the mid-80’s he participated in various music groups and played his first record at various private parties at his home town. Together with two other DJs he founded the Miniteca (Mobil Disco) “The Fire House”. In Germany he started as volunteer salsa DJ in 1989 together with DJ El Diablo. Throughout the following years, the desire, to improve the soul of the dance music, has motivated him to become a more professional Latin DJ. Following a decision to add different sounds and tastes to the latin dancers and in related fields, he begun to collect and release the best old-new latin songs.

Nestor has attended international Latin Festivals and he is also well known for his interesting way to mix latin music.

Nestor is a professional DJ, a hobby percussionist and passionated dancer from heart. He is member of the DJ group and he feels exactly, what dancers just want. Therefore “La Musica es mi vida”