DJ RaDi (Oberhausen, Germany)

Oberhausen, Germany. In his youth DJ RaDi was active in the Dutch and German disco and club scene. In 1991, he had his first contact with salsa and was hooked. After several courses he became a salsa aficionado and gave classes himself.

In 1994 a club owner asked him to initiate a salsa night. One night the dj didn‘t show up and RaDi stood behind the decks himself for the first time. This was the beginning of his dj career.

Since then, he has been working on festivals and in clubs all over Europe and organised his own events. He received international appreciation for his annual festival SalsaFeverDays in Düsseldorf.

RaDi‘s vinyl and CD collection is full of rare collectors‘ items. His music range includes all kinds of Salsa up to Mambo and Guaguanco and even Kizomba and Bachata.

Having been a dancer for two decades he knows exactly how the music feels for the dancers and which songs are appreciated by the crowd on the dancefloor.