DJ Thomas (Rhine-Neckar, Germany)

DJ Thomas began with Salsa in 2001. At first as a dancer and, as he plunged more and more into the world of different salsa music styles, it was all over him.

In 2005 his project went as a salsa website online and grew in a very short time to the No. 1 information page for all Salsaholics in the Rhine-Neckar region. In 2008, Thomas worked with his friend and colleague DJ Martin, and since then the page became a Salsa- Portal that has a lot to offer. What marked this page today are informations about parties, pictures, videos, playlists and a very popular newsletter.

In 2011 Planet Salsa became big: DJ Nestor brought up the Planet Salsa community.

At the same time, while his created page was growing, Thomas got a lot of requests to DJing. Because of that, DJ Thomas became more frequent in the region of Heidelberg and Mannheim, working as a DJ and is now one of the most booked DJs in this region.

Thomas hangs up in Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Karlsruhe and is one of the most an integral part of the Salsa Festival in Sardinia. In 2013 Thomas will be one of the members of the DJ team at the Frankfurt Salsa Festival.

DJ Thomas is a very diverse Salsa DJ and brings every party to rock. Try it out!