GBR - England - London - Big BenEngland has been a popular tourist destination for decades and has constantly succeeded in attracting millions of visitors year after year. Whether it is a young couple, kids or the elderly, the country offers countless attractions and entertainment options that make a trip to this country truly memorable.

The first place on every tourist itinerary visiting England is the capital city of London, where the London Eye, world’s largest observation wheel offers a panoramic view of the city. The Tower of London, earlier a prison, is the site of the Royal Mint. Some majestic buildings in London that are not to be missed are the Windsor palace and the Buckingham palace which is the official residence of the queen.

England is also home to an impressive array of museums and galleries like British museum which displays artifacts from prehistoric to modern times. Other famous landmarks are the Tate Modern, National Museum with an ultimate dinosaur’s display and the National Gallery that displays works of famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Turner and Van Gogh.

GBR - Ireland - Connemara - Cottage and boatThe Lake District is probably the most beautiful place in the country which is surrounded by the majestic Cambrian Mountains and is the ideal getaway. England is home to many impressive historic landmarks like the Roman baths & pump room, Stonehenge and the Albert Dock. A trip to England cannot be complete without visiting the charming medieval city of York, which is one of Europe’s best surviving medieval fortifications.

England has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters with precipitation year round. Weather is so unpredictable which is why it is often said that ‘when two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather’ but despite that you’ll find plenty to do no matter when you travel.

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