Frankfurt Summer


From: 2017/07/20
Until: 2017/07/24

Stadthalle Hofheim

Chinonplatz 4
65719 Hofheim am Taunus

Frankfurt Summer 2016

Frankfurt/Main. Inspired by the success story of the Frankfurt Festival in the City Hall Hofheim, the idea for the Frankfurt Summer was born. The same awesome venue hosts 3 wooden dance floors and up to 7 workshop rooms with daylight. Hofheim am Taunus is located just about 15km from the city center and even closer to Frankfurt Airport, one of Europe's three biggest airports. Frankfurt Summer offers more than 50 workshops as well as EXTRA Workshops up to your choice! Accessing our party location directly from the parking garage, you will find the shows, workshops, parties, catering, great shops and further services in a three level bulding.


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