France has been a popular tourist destination for decades. There is something about this country that appeal to everyone’s taste, and thus, it has succeeded in constantly attracting millions of visitors, year after year.

France - Paris - Eiffel TowerThere are innumerable tourist attractions to choose from, like the monuments, theme parks and wildlife parks along with everyone’s favorite city, Paris. The world famous Eiffel Tower is a must visit, and while you are on a touring spree, a Moulin Rouge performance is inescapable. Paris has many world renowned museums and galleries, most popular being the Louvre Museum, having over 8 million visitors round the year. The Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sacré-Coeur Basilica and Disneyland are other major attractions, visited by millions. Various events, carnivals, and festivals are huge crowd pullers like the Cannes International Film Festival, Bastille Day Celebrations and many more.

Lyon and Marseille are famous for their remarkable history and architecture. The beautiful beaches of Cannes, Nice and St Tropez are popular for their glamour and chic culture. To enjoy skiing, trekking, canoeing and hiking, venture out in the breathtaking Rhone-Alps region. Other tourist sights are the Palace of Versailles, Fontainebleau Castle, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Chateaux of the Loire Valley, vineyard of Champagne and Burgundy, and WW II historic landmarks and museums of Normandy.

To take a break from the busy life, visit the countryside and enjoy a peaceful outing. Apart from this, there are castles, cathedrals, beautiful structures, museums, shopping malls and spectacular hotels to keep your trip interesting. You can also spend some time in tranquility by spending few days in the backdrop of beautiful mountains, landscapes and rivers.

The weather of France varies from warm to hot summers, and mild to cold winters, but the erratic rainfall can be a disturbance.

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