Germany - Frankfurt - Justitia, Römerberg

Frankfurt, Goethe’s hometown, is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in Germany. It is also the country’s main economic and financial centre and is therefore often dubbed “Mainhattan” or “Chicago on the Main”. Frankfurt Airport is Europe’s second largest airport, making Frankfurt a convenient destination for booking flights from all over the world.

One of the biggest attractions here is the 200-meter tall Main Tower which is Germany’s second tallest office building after the Commerzbank Tower. From the terrace, one gets a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The Main Tower also has a restaurant and cocktail bar on the floor below the viewing terrace.

Another major sight is St. Paul’s Church in the city’s center, which is of immense historical significance. This is where Germany’s first freely elected parliament met in 1848. The Römerberg Square and the old town hall, the ‘Römer’, are located at the very heart of the old quarter. This is also where the well-known annual Christmas Market is held.

Near the historical center, you can find the ‘Zeil’, which is the city’s main shopping strip. It is also a good place for dancing and dining. Another popular area at night is Sachsenhausen, located on the other side of the Main River. Here you can find some typical traditional bars, where you should definitely try some ‘Apfelwein’, the region’s famous apple wine.

Frankfurt is also the German city which invests most in arts and culture. Its famous old Opera House has been elected Opera House of the Year numerous times. In addition, Frankfurt boasts some of the country’s best museums. Among them are the well-known ‘Städel’, which has an excellent collection of artwork, as well as the German Film Museum and the Senckenberg Museum.

The Frankfurt Zoo has numerous animals of different species with special enclosures, such as the Crocodile Hall, the Insectarium, the Nocturnal Animals House and the Bird Hall. There is an outstation for hoofed and steppe animals at Ginnheim in the Nidda valley.

The popular botanical garden, ‘Palmengarten’ in Frankfurt comprises several beautiful gardens with a large variety of flowers and tropical plants, which have an incredibly soothing effect on the senses. The Palmengarten also houses a playground for kids, a little pond with rowing boats and a mini-gauge train.

Frankfurt has a temperate continental climate. Summers, in general, are rather warm with only few wet days, whereas winters tend to be quite cold with the occacional snow fall. Temperatures are rarely extreme and never severe. This makes the city perfect for planning a trip  year round.

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