Gilbert Ismail (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Gilbert Ismail is a young and well liked Instructor among Bachata Dancers and other Teachers/ Instructors. Aged 24, he is one of the youngest Instructors in the International Bachata scene and is well known for his sharp, fast and creative footwork and mobility around the dancefloor.

Introduced to Bachata Dominican style by Nucita La Fiera in 2009, Gilbert has studied and practiced various styles within the Dominican Style which he has incorporated in his teaching. He also learned a lot from skilled and influential instructors such as Troy & Jorjet, Frank Santos and a number of other teachers. He was also inspired by many Dominican Dancers whom he has met around the world and in the Dominican Republic.

Being an Instructor for the Club Fiera team his priorities in teaching are to have a technical but consumable class in which laughing and jokes ease the ears and general mood to be more susceptible for the highly technical breakdown of the most advanced bachata style.

Together with Nucita La Fiera, Suzanne van Oeveren and other partners, Gilbert teaches around Holland, Europe, the US and on the Dominican Republic.