Julie Camous (Nice, France)

Julie Camous is from France and is based in Paris. She has been dancing since childhood, she begins with the jazz where she learns in dance school until she integrates, after a audition, a graduate school of dance, for perfect her technique and to learn different dances, jazz, contemporary, modern, ballet, afro, flamenco and tap dancing. After her formation, she taught in her turn the jazz in a dance school and danced in various dance companies (contemporary, jazz, operetta) and cabaret.

In 2005 she discovered salsa and after few weeks practicing she teamed up with Farid Ferchach until today. Together they have travelled around the world to salsa congresses where they have taught and performed. In 20O9 she joined UTribe and performed with them during 1 year. Even though she has a great passion for salsa, she usually works as a choreographer and dancer at a cabaret in Paris, as well, as a dancer in a TV series. Thanks to her skills in different dance styles, her classes have become very popular at congresses. Julie has lately teamed up with Frank Santos and have taken the International Bachata scene with storm.