Latest News about FRSF 2013

Wow, what a finish for the last days of pre-selling! Freiburg Salsa Festival 2013 is ahead of last years’ full passes sold and it looks like the 2nd edition is going to top the Premiere in any means! Hence we have some goodies and news. So let us wrap up the most important information for you:

  • Glowing Colors on Friday, July 19th
  • Dress to impress on Saturday, July 20th
  • Farewell Party in White on Sunday, July 21st
  • 8 incredible Shows per Evening with World Premiers
  • We don’t ship Tickets, but will provide them to the Attendee at the Door
  • We opened “Ticket Reservation” from today until Wednesday, July 18th
    Last Minute Discounts, but no additional Promo Discount
    Payment has to be received until Wednesday, July 18th or cash at the door
    Please reserve your Tickets here:
  • Discounted Admission at the Door from Friday to Sunday between 21:00 and 22:00
  • Extra Discount for the 1st 20 guests on Friday and Saturday – stay tuned!

Freiburg Salsa Festival 2013 Admission