Magazine 2016 – Autumn Magazine Autumn 2016 Welcome to the 18th Edition of the Magazine¬†– Autumn 2016 –

Welcome to Kassel, a beautiful city which is the cultural and economic center of northern Hessen in Germany. This city has a lot of monuments, palaces and parks that has to been seen. Discover this beautiful city of Kassel where you will be able to admire the history of art! Interest? Read more in our article!

Furthermore, you can read about BNF. They are not only very talented dancers but they also have an outstanding dance school in Dubai. You want to know more about them? Then read the interesting article about their story.

Please also notice the ads of some of our partners and we started to build a broad distribution of the magazine besides the festivals and major events. Interesting? Then you may become our partner for your city and neighborhood.

We manage your Salsa Trips and you enjoy the party!