Marc Dancefloor (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

Marc was born in Ivory Coast and has been living in Switzerland since 1998. His passion for dance appears in childhood, at the time, he mainly dances Ivorian Popular dances and hip hop. He discovers salsa in 2001 and quickly explores the numerous forms of expression, offered by this dance (competition, rueda choreography, dance choregraphy).

Undoubtedly, his trademark is registered in the mix of styles and the experience of new sensations.

In 2011, he creates his first solo choreography called “sonando” which meet a great success thanks to its originality and musicality.

Then in 2013 he enters Dancefloor dance company with Fred Dancefloor and Tom Dancefloor. They created the chacha choreography “Cuenta bien” which is a delightful mix of hip hop and chacha.