Mels’ Dancing Divas (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Mels Dancing Divas is an international all women’s dance team that was formed in April 2012 by World Renown Salsera Melissa Fernandez. The team consists of dancers from Italy, Ukraine, France, Bulgaria, the USA and Germany who had to audition in front of a professional jury to be a member of the team. They are a group of hot, sexy, talented salseras who love to social dance and perform.

With this project Melissa Fernandez wanted to combine two of her passions: choreography and performance, and now she’s created this in demand salsa show team.

Mels Dancing Divas began touring their sassy HIT THE ROAD JACK Salsa Show in June 2012 and performed at festivals and congresses in cities such as: Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Konstanz, Hamburg, Freiburg and Metz, France. The first tour was a tremendous success and Mels Dancing Divas are now in demand as their fans anxiously await their new CHORUS LINE show presentation.

The current dancers in Mels Dancing Divas are:
Paola Parnizzari, Yana Mitelman, Sabrina Zehle, Britta Von Kleinsorgen, Melyssa Ta Van Dieu, Anja Dorau, Vanessa Ahrens, Rebecca Saive, Viviane Schwarte, Michaela Sappok, Diana Nanova, Marina La Monaca and Melissa Fernandez.