Morenasso (Luanda, Angola)

Morenasso is an Angolan nationality teacher, Dancer and Choreographer for Kizomba, Semba and Kuduro.

In Luanda, capital of Angola, Morenasso gained experience in traditional dances and carnival since his childhood. He also played football since the age of 6. Starting with soccer, he played up as professional in the Angola selection U17, U20 and Olympic trials.

As dancer, Morenasso is known and recognized worldwide. Teaching in schools like Salsabor in Paris, Bordeaux, Nice and Marseille, he is also choreographer of the first workshop Kizomba (Salsabor school) in France as well as Artistic Director of the company Sensualonda Dance.

Morenasso has been a dancer for 30 years of Kassav (most popular Zouk Group) at the Stade de France. He has been representative of France to the international kizomba competition Africa Dançar Portugal in 2010.

Today it is one of the most demanded dancers in the world, participating as dancer and teacher at several kizomba festivals worldwide.