Mouaze Konaté (Paris, France)

Mouaze is a dancer, choreographer and teacher of Salsa (NY On2) and Cha cha cha. He is reknowned for his showmanship, and creative choreographies which vary from dynamique movement with control and style, elegant and powerful.

His method of teaching is clear and easy to follow for students of all levels. It reflects his passion for helping his students become stylish and playful social dancers.

Before Salsa Mouaze do Martial art (Karaté) for several years. He won lots of competions and was teaching for five years.

Mouaze started Salsa with Cuban style. After one year he started to learn Salsa On1 and continued with Palladium style before the last and the best style for him – New-York Salsa On2.

Mouaze performs and teaches all around the world for show him work and share the passion he av for Salsa. UK, China, US, Spain, Holland, Italy, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Germany, Russie and many many further countries. Mouaze have been on stage with musicians such as Eddie Palmieri, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Andy Montanez.

During the week Mouaze teaches in Paris and travels during the weekend to congresses.