VIP Dance (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

ViP Dance NL (ViP) started in 2006 after Vanessa Mambi and her dance partner won the 2nd place at the Dutch Salsa Open Championships.

“Classic Mambo” (2007) was the first ViP student show put together by Patrick Mussendijk and Vanessa Mambi. As of March 2008 Patrick left the group and Vanessa started directing the ViP team by herself.

“Hard Drive” (2008) became Vanessa´s first show piece which is to this day remembered as “the funky show with bright colored clothes and bling-bling shoes”. Her next choreography for ViP (2009) was “Turning Point” which carried the theme: Sun and Earth. Her following choreo “SI o NO” (2010) was all about a playfull song, sexy ladies and funny geeks.

ON1 Project

In October 2010 ViP held auditions and Vanessa started in addition to the original Pro group an ON1 student show project. The concept of “Lunatic” (2011) has been derived from an idea of Giuseppe Kasimbeg. Vanessa got inspired by his idea and put her twist on it. The result was a fast and energetic theatrical show performed by 8 dancers!


The pro group, ViP on2, performed the choreography “Caps” during 2011. This choreography was made by Vanessa in remembrance of someone very close to her heart. Her signature remained: lots of crazy footwork and funky bodymovement that coordinates perfectly with this beautiful Latin Jazz track.


This year Vanessa choreographed the On1 Project 2012 “Sweet Memories” and the On2 “In 5th Gear” with assistance of Ryan Lourensz. She chose this particular song because she liked the challenge of combining a soft romantic song with fine story telling while still delivering a choreography full of action. To once again make an entirely different statement Vanessa chose no theme for this years’ On2 choreography, but decided to emphasize on the high tempo and energy level of the show.