Wilmer Najarro Mora (Havana, Cuba)

Wilmer Najarro Mora and Maria Del Carmen Moreno Torres were born in Havana, the charming capital, where the great historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Cuban people finds its highest expression.

In 2000 Wilmer obtained a Diplome as Bailerin Professor at the ENA (Escuela Nacional de Arte de l ‘Havana), specializing in Cuban Folklore. Subjects studied: Rumba and Afro (Guaguanc√≤, Yambu and columbia), Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and ¬†Spanish Dance. During his studies he joined the Body of Dance in the Dance Company of the cuban TV. Then he continued his artistic experience in the dance troup of the Macumba Show de la Havanna and in the dance troup Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba.