Lisandra Bruhns (Berlin, Germany)

Lisandra Bruhns is German born and of Cuban decent. She first stepped into the world of Salsa at the age of 15, as she was passionate about dance and wanted to try something new. What started off as an accident then quickly turned into an obsession to develop her dancing. In 2006 she was already teaching classes and performing with the Pura Salsa dance company in Berlin, as well as with her dance partner Franco Sparfeld at congresses all over Europe.

Also, she was the co-founder of the Pura Salsa dance school as well as choreographer of the dance company. In order to expand her dance vocabulary she took classes in jazz dance, ballet, musical dance and finally entered an performing arts school in berlin, featuring daily training in dance, acting and musicality. She rapidly gained popularity in the dance circles of Germany, becoming the person to do staging and choreography for various musical numbers and jazz dance performances.

Her peculiar Salsa style didn’t go unnoticed for too long, as the demand for her ladies styling workshops began to increase due to the mixture of her funky yet lady-like movements.

Given her passion for dance, there was no other option than dedicating her life to the stage. Therefore, Lisandra started studying musical/show in Osnabrück/Germany since 2010 and took a break from the Salsa circuit.

In 2011 she returned to the world of Salsa and forming a partnership with Tamambo, producing the hit contemporary/Cha Cha Cha performance No Me Conoces (2011). Her return to Salsa is now stronger than ever, and her insatiable desire is to inspire salseros and salseras all over the world.