The Republic of Peru offers many tourist attractions in the form of Inca ruins and archeological sites, beautiful beaches, national parks, reserves, museums and a whole lot more.

Peru - Children

The first place, tourists love to explore in Peru is ‘Machu Picchu’, “The Lost City of the Incas”, which is one of the Seven New Wonders of the World and probably the most visited historical site in South America.

Peru - UNESCO - Machu PicchuTourists also love to trek the Inca Trail, where one gets to witness a stunning panoramic view of the snow capped mountains and Inca ruins. Explore Chavin de Huantar or the archaeological site of Chan Chan, which is South America’s largest pre-Columbian city.

Another must visit is Puno, Peru’s folklore capital and the old city of Trujillo which is famous for traditional dances and Peruvian folklore apart from offering amazing archaeological sites like the Indian tomb, the Sun and the Moon.

For nature lovers, there is no better option than going on an expedition to the Calipuy National Reservation, Manu National Park or the Amazon Rainforest which boasts a priceless natural biodiversity. Other attractions include the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the Tabbopata National Reserve and Colca Canyon, where you can witness the largest flying land birds, the Great Andean Condors.

Peru - Lima - Plaza de ArmasLima, the capital city, offers wonderful tourist attractions like the Cathedral, the Plaza de Armas, the National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology and many more places of interest, which all worth visiting.

For outdoor activities, you can either try hiking or trekking in the Peruvian Andes, or climbing El Misti or Nevado Chachani, Peru’s highest volcanoes. You can also navigate Lake Titicaca or just relax at the lovely beaches of Peru like Punta Sal, Huanchaco, El Silencio along with others, all located south of Lima.

Peru experiences a diverse climate which varies according to the altitude of the place. The pleasant weather from June to September makes this the best time to visit. For more information join our interactive community and find cheap flights with our search engine.

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