Philippines - Busuanga CoronThe Philippines are truly a treasure of Southeast Asia encompassing an array of natural wonders the beauty of which will leave you mesmerized. Enjoying the status of being the second largest archipelago in the world, it comprises 7107 tropical islands.

The country offers amazing adventure options below the sea level as it boasts some of the best snorkeling and diving points in the world, including wreck diving near Coron and swimming along with the whale sharks of Donsol or the UNESCO World Heritage Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. Above the sea level, the beauty of the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Some of the famous sightseeing attractions of Philippines are Banaue & the Rice Terraces, The Chocolate Hills, Paco Park and Coconut Palace.

A visit to ‘Casa Manila’ a building that is a re-creation of the Spanish patrician’s 19th century house will make you feel like you were a part of that royal age. And if you are visiting Philippines for pure fun and entertainment, then a visit to Cebu is a must, the oldest city of the country that has become a hub for shopping and entertainment with its numerous malls, casinos, theaters and restaurants especially the ones located on Colon Street.

Being colonized by various foreign powers, the culture of Philippines is an amalgamation of varied customs. The people of Philippines, ‘The Filipinos’ are amongst the most cheerful, positive and fun loving people you would ever come across

Philippines - Busuanga Coron - P1040141The pleasant weather of the country makes it ideal to visit both during summers and winters alike. The clear sky from March to June attracts many visitors while December is one month in the year when the country is crowded with tourists.

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