Thailand is a golden island known for its hospitality, white sand beaches, fertile rice fields, all imbued in the rich traditional buddhist culture. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is a prolific socio-political center, and also known for its rich commercial activity. There are many provinces in Thailand that offer snorkeling and other water sports activities for the tourists, along with hospitality rendered by Thai citizenry.

Thailand - Ley - Ko Phi Phi - Long Tail boat sits in the beautiful Maya BayThe kingdom of Thailand has plenty to offer the visitors. The rich night life, go-go places like Patpong and Nana, itineraies and bio diversity makes the country amongst the preferred tourist places. The Phi Phi Islands and Phuket offer awesome beaches to the tourists, Koh Samet is a good place to exploit for the Thai culture, Koh Phangnan is well known for the Full Moon Parties, and the astonishing Koi Samui presenting an awesome view for coconuts, white sand beaches and forest hills. The eastern province has fabulous Pattaya beach which attracts the locals as well as tourists to enjoy the beach, besides, the night life.

Thailand also has many national parks that once again provide a classic example of rich biodiversity. The bountiful resort cities Hua Hin and Cha-am also provide good beach experience to the tourists. And above all, there is more to Thailand, then just exploring these cities. The real fun would lie in exploring every province through your eyes.

The southern Thailand, however, has no winters, and the best time to visit Thailand depends entiorely on the region where you are visiting. Northern Thailand and the Northeast are good to visit during from November through February; Southern Thailand is best to visit November through April, and lastly, Central Thailand and the East are hospitable during November through February.

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