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ImprintWelcome to the 14th edition of the magazine
                                       - Autumn 2015 -

Rome, one of the oldest cities in Europe is worth visiting it! The city has an extensive
history, breathtaking buildings and monuments and of course very tasty culinary
highlights like Pizza, Pasta and Gelato. Interesting, then read our article!

Furthermore you can read about 15 years of Tropical Gem, who are known for a unique
blend of different styles, breathtaking choreographies and is said to have defined the
modern interpretation of salsa shows.They set the stages on fire all over the world, but
read more in Mambitos’ report!

Please also recognize the ads from some of our partners and we started to build a broad
distribution of the magazine besides the festivals and major events. Interesting? Then
you may become our partner for your city and neighborhoods. - We manage your Salsa Trips and you enjoy the party!

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             city special - Rome Page 4

             Report - Tropical Gem - 15 Years Page 16

             DJs & CD Reviews Page 20

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