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This has been fixed when Karl the Great has been crowned as emperor of
the Holy Roman Empire by Pope Leo III in year 800. During these Christian
times there has been raised many buildings and constructions like St. Peter’s
Basilica, which might be the most famous one.

As already mentioned, Rome is the main pilgrimage site for Christians all
over the world especially for catholic ones, as the Pope, head of the Catholic
Church, is living there. To be exact he is living in the Apostolic Palace in the
Papal Palace. The Apostolic Palace is also including the “Sistine Chapel” one
of the most famous chapels in the world. Even if you’re not Christian or deeply
religious the Vatican with its St. Peter’s Square is really a must-see in Rome.

To see all the impressive and historical buildings you will need much time.
It starts with the “Pantheon”, which has been founded in 27 BC and rebuilt
about 128 AD. It is nearly fully preserved. The Pantheon is a church which was
dedicated to all the Roman Gods. You can also go to the spectacular Colosseum
which has been finished 80 AD and known as the biggest amphitheatre of the
ancient times. The well-known
gladiator fights took place
there in order to amuse the
Roman people and emperors.
Another great tip are the
“Baths of Caracalla” or the
“Castel Sant’Angelo” which
is the mausoleum of Hadrian,
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